A busy day at Cypress Gardens mini fete

6 Nov 2017 2:01 PMGay Sinclair A busy day at Cypress Gardens mini fete

We were looking forward to going back to Cypress Gardens because they residents are so lovely.

Friday 3rd November was our second visit with the lovely residents of Cypress Gardens, and they kept us busy from the moment we set up shop.

We were one of seven stalls invited to be part of their pre-Christmas fete and sales were strong.

Nora in red was the winner on the day due to the great bunion support:

  • Leather Upper
  • Our dual fit system allows shoes to be worn with or without orthotics
  • Adjustable features for an optimum fit
  • A padded lycra panel to ease pressure around the bunion
  • Lightweight polyurethane bottom absorbs shock


Analise in White has become popular again recently, with summer coming on a stylish white sandal should always be part of your wardrobe, and this one is a winner.

  • Leather Upper
  • Momentum footbed contouring encourages Improved Posture and forward momentum
  • Lightweight polyurethane heel provides stability and absorbs shock
  • High traction soles provide secure ground contact
  • Adjustable features for an optimum fit


With Melbourne Cup next up on their social calendar, the ladies were looking for that special shoe to go with the perfect outfit and we were glad to help!


Thanks again to the resident and staff of Cypress Gardens Aged Care.