At Comfort Care Apparel, we understand that the word ‘comfortable’ doesn’t have to mean ‘ugly’ ANYMORE!

Comfort Care Apparel is one of Australia’s leading importer and distributors of elderly clothing, assistive clothing, Homyped shoes, and daily living aids, to make life that little bit easier.

Men’s and womens comfortable clothing for the elderly is a big part of who we are. Adaptive and assistive dresses, trousers, sleepwear, tops and shirts help seniors stay more independent, by providing comfortable and stylish clothing that is easy to put on and take off for living independently or in an aged care facility.

Shop online for high-quality, affordable adaptive clothing for elderly, seniors and apparel for caregiver assisted dressing. Comfortable apparel for the disabled adult and clothing for people with physical handicaps simplifies self-dressing, helping in their independence and wellbeing.


comfortable shoes for all NEEDS BY HOMYPED

If you are on your feet all day for work, then you will know the importance and comfort of a good shoe.

We all understand that comfortable shoes make a big difference to your day, and we stock 30 different styles of work shoes to cater to all tastes and needs.  

HomyPed shoes will improve your posture, give you better balance and stability, with an engineered grip, and most of all comfort!


The Homyped Difference

Smarter Shoes for Better Health - Homyped has been designing footwear in Australia, for Australian feet, since 1969 making them the original orthopaedic comfort shoe specialists







At Comfort Care Apparel, we understand that comfortable shoes can make a big difference to your day, and with years of experience, knowledge and using innovative bio-mechanical features, Homyped® shoes are built on a proud legacy to deliver maximum support for all types of feet!

Call us now for a booking and start feeling the HomyPed differece.