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The simple task of making a cuppa can be a difficult and dangerous exercise if you can’t lift a kettle properly, but we have a smart solution for that. Turning on a tap can be painful and we have a solution for that too.

Zippers and buttons can be frustrating items to be avoided, but we have solutions for that too. Shop online to aleviate the many daily problems faced by the disabled and elderly.

If dressing is a challenge for you, we have smart solutions for seniors and carers. We stock a wide range of high quality, competitively priced, daily living aids to help promote independence and dignity, which makes a real difference to quality of life.

Plastic Shoe Horn10.00 AUD 6.00 AUD Buy Now
Shoe Horn Extendable23.00 AUD 20.00 AUD Buy Now
Plastic Tap Turners25.00 AUD 20.00 AUD Buy Now
Jar Key22.00 AUD 15.00 AUD Buy Now
Easy Jar Opener10.00 AUD 5.00 AUD Buy Now
Safe Sip drink cover25.00 AUD 20.00 AUD Buy Now
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