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Fargo sandal silver by homyped

Fargo Silver sandal by Homyped. Momentum footbed contouring encourages Improved Posture and forward momentum. A versatile sandal for all day comfort. The multi-strap adjustability makes it easy to get on and off and provides comfort and stability.




  • 3 points of adjustment for optimum fitting
  • Return velcro strap for 1 handed adjustment
  • Footbed technologies designed to support your arches and align feet properly
  • Adjustable features that keep your feet comfortable & secure
  • Rigid rear part and wide soles provide balance and stability in each step
  • Relief zones in the footbed and sole to reduce heel strain
  • Engineered components that reduce pain from the impact of heavy ground contact
  • Materials engineered to reduce tiredness and fatigue in feet and leg
  • These sandals feature the Homyped Momentum Footbed
  • 3 Degree support for higher arch, providing optimum stability and balance while promoting a natural forward walking motion
  • Deep heel cup for rear foot control and support to help prevent over pronation
  • Forefoot plantar cushioning zone helps relieve fatigue
  • Dual density sole is soft in the forefoot for added comfort and firm in the rear to provide stability and protection from heel strike impact
  • C+ medium width


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